Pottery art is one of the oldest existent arts in the world, which is done by shaping the original ball clay with the artists hand and by using the potter’s wheel or without the potter’s wheel. The genus of this ball clay is of clay, sediments and, chopped plants. The red color of the ball clay is because of iron in its constituent particles.

After the beginning of the pottery era and human’s mastery over this art, the humans’ necessities were provided by pottery, which has been and is welcomed in the world.

The history of this art from the first earthen vessels and jars discovered on the plateau of Iran dates back to more than 10,000 years.

The earthen vessels and jars are hardened by the high heat of the kilns, and by immersing the product in the glaze, they put it back in the kiln and, by oxidizing the enamel layer, the product becomes waterproof and its color stabilizes.

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