This company is ready to take customized orders for all Iranian handicraft products and providing customers with customized labeling and packaging.

By default, the packaging of the products is standard multi-layer carton boxes with shock-absorbing materials and designs suitable for each product. It is also possible to provide luxury and customized packaging at the customer’s choice and cost.

Yes, all customers from any country can send their application for sales and marketing agency to Lian Crafts Company, after reviewing the conditions and eligibility of applicants, how to grant agency and the draft contract will be sent to them.

Depending on the volume and type of product, order preparation can vary between one week and three months.

Yes, it is possible to provide a valid and international inspection certificate from the customs of origin.

All customers can select any number of any product they want in the price inquiry section of the website and after completing the requested information, send it for sales support and receive their response as soon as possible.

Yes, LianCrafts Company, with extensive connections with handicraft manufacturers in Iran, is ready to prepare and send all original Iranian handicraft products in high quality according to customers’ orders.

Since all products are produced in local and small workshops completely manually and non-industrially, limited change in size and design is possible, but will definitely be notified to the customer in advance.

All products of this company are original Iranian handicrafts and are made by hand and hand tools. Obviously, most of the orders that have a high quantity will be custom-made as soon as possible and sent to customers. The total number of products is the criterion for calculating the cost of packaging and shipping. In terms of the total number of products in each order, of course, the lower quantity will increase the cost of packaging and shipping on the price of each product for customers, so as long as the total number of products in your order is as normal and acceptable as a commercial shipment, your order quantity for one item doesn’t make so much difference.

All banking transactions will be at the request of the customer through the company’s bank account in Iran or in a third country (UAE). The payment method will be 20% prepayment and 80% settlement against the official bill of lading.