About us

Company Overview

LianCrafts Company was founded in 2020 with the aim of introducing traditional Persian art heritage to world through presenting high quality authentic artworks and handicrafts to world market. All the presented products are 100% unique and handcrafted by best Iranian handicraft artists. Iran is culturally one of the most diverse countries in the world hence our product basket has vast diversity and is interesting to all people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds.
Our team has set up its’ supply chain network in dozens of local workshops in historical villages and small towns across Iran who have been making these artworks for generations. To supply any order in the shortest time, we also have our office and warehouse in UAE from where all the orders can be shipped to all destinations around the world.

Our Mission

We believe that even though the Iranian Handicrafts are in high quality, beautiful, historical and very diverse, they have not found their right place in the global market. Therefore, we are determined to facilitate access to Iranian handicrafts in all the countries using all the available tools and methods from presenting Iranian handicraft products in all online product sales platforms and social medias to stablishing an extended network of regional sales & distribution bases so that anyone from anywhere in the world can easily access and purchase authentic Iranian Handicrafts. As Iranian handicraft and art crafts cultural ambassadors, we are trying to stablish Iranian handicraft stand as one of the key players of world handicraft market and present to world a new style and color.